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Assange Extradition to USA Blocked Over ‘Suicide Risk’… Mexico to Grant Assange Asylum…



Assange Extradition to USA Blocked Over ‘Suicide Risk’… Mexico to Grant Assange  Asylum…

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US to face spy charges due to a suicide risk, a court ruled today.

Old Bailey District Judge Vanessa Baraitser denied the request to put the Australian on trial for espionage and hacking government computers.

A court artist’s sketch shows Julian Assange appearing at the Old Bailey today, where a judge decided he can’t be extradited to the USCredit: Priscilla Coleman/MB Media

Extradition to the US would be ‘oppressive’ to Assange’s mental health, the judge said.

Assange, 49, could be released this week following the long-running legal battle, with a bail application hearing to be held on Wednesday.

He wiped his brow after this morning’s decision was announced, while his fiancee, Stella Moris, with whom he has two young sons, wept.

She was embraced by Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, who sat next to her in court.


The US government is expected to appeal today’s decision.

Speaking outside the Old Bailey, Ms Moris said ‘today’s victory is a first step towards justice”.

But she said they were ‘extremely concerned’ that US authorities wanted to ‘make him disappear in the deepest, darkest hole in the US prison system’.

She urged President Donald Trump to “tear down these prison walls” and “free Julian”.

Assange was accused of a plot to hack computers and a conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information.

He is wanted for allegedly conspiring with army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning after WikiLeaks published hundreds of thousands of leaked documents in 2010 and 2011.

The 500,000 secret files detailed aspects of military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq and cables about Guantanamo Bay.

A US grand jury indicted him on 18 charges last year, including 17 under the Espionage Act.

If convicted, he would have been held in isolation at the maximum-security Supermax jail in Colorado, described as ‘a ‘fate worse than death’ by a former warden.

Assange has been held in South East London’s Belmarsh prison for the past 19 months as he fought extradition to the US.

He sat in a blue suit with crossed legs, clasped his hands and fiddled with his ring as today’s ruling was announced.

Giving her reasons, the judge said extradition should be barred ‘if it is unjust or oppressive to due to a person’s health’.

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Maxine Waters: Haitians Not Being Treated Like Human Beings ‘Because They Are Black’



Maxine Waters: Haitians Not Being Treated Like Human Beings ‘Because They Are Black’

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports” that Haitians had not been treated “as human beings” and said it was because they are black.

Waters said, “They should treat them like they are treating the Afghans. We’re bringing Afghans by the thousands into the country, and they deserve to be brought in because they assisted us in the war. That’s how they should be treating the Haitians, bringing in those who are eligible, vaccinating and making sure that we’re not simply trying to drive them back with our border patrol on horses, with their reins, looking at if they’re beating them.”

Witt asked, “You mentioned the Afghan refugees, those coming into our country. Why the different approach to them versus the Haitians?”

Waters said, “Let me just say this, that Haitians have been the victims of, you know, not only our country but Canada and France, for years, historically. They’re black. They’re poor. It’s the poorest country in the hemisphere. They have been exploited.”

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Poll: Women, Suburbanites, Middle-class Deserting Biden



Poll: Women, Suburbanites, Middle-class Deserting Biden

If an election were held today, a substantial number of those who voted President Joe Biden in November wouldn’t do so now, a new I&I/TIPP Poll shows. This comes after a spate of recent polls from TIPP and others suggesting Biden’s political support is in a freefall as Americans question his leadership on issues ranging from COVID-19 to the chaos on the U.S.’ southern border to the recent botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The I&I/TIPP Poll asked Americans: “If the presidential election were held today, and the following were the candidates, for whom would you vote?”

Respondents were given the following choices: “Donald Trump, the Republican,” “Joe Biden, the Democrat,” “Other,” “Not sure,” and “Prefer not to answer.”

Just 46% of those who voted in the November 2020 election said they’d vote for Biden today, more than five full percentage points below his official total 51.3% share in the 2020 presidential election. That doesn’t mean voters are wishing they’d instead picked Trump, who in recent weeks has hinted at a possible re-run in 2024. The poll found 42% said they’d pick Trump now, down from his actual 2020 election total of 46.9%.

Some 7% of those responding said they would vote for someone “other” than the two candidates, while 4% said they were unsure whom they would vote for.

These data come from the I&I/TIPP poll, conducted each month by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, I&I’s polling partner. The poll of 1,305 adults was taken online from Sept. 1 through Sept. 3, and is part of a broad new public opinion collaboration between Issues & Insights and TIPP. The margin of error is +/- 2.8 points. The analysis for this story is based 1,002 Americans who voted in 2020 and revealed their 2020 vote.

Also interesting is where Biden lost the most support – among women, suburbanites, moderates, and the middle-class. In other words, the key groups that helped put him in the White House.

The poll found that only 49% of women said they’d vote for Biden today, down from 57% who said they did so in November. Among suburbanites, 41% would vote for Biden now, down from 48% who’d actually cast their ballot for him.

Biden’s support among moderates went from 56% to 47%. Among those making between $50,000 and $75,000, it fell from 54% to 44%.

Biden has lost support from Democrats as well, with 88% saying they’d vote him now, compared with 93% who said they did so in November. But support for Trump among Republicans has declined as well. The poll found that 86% of Republicans said they’d vote for Trump today, down from 93% who did so.

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Effort to spread discredited Russia collusion theory welcomed by McCain Senate panel

Armed Services panel secretly fought court battle this summer to quash subpoena seeking records of contacts with ex-FBI official Daniel Jones and liberal-funded The Democracy Integrity Project nonprofit.



Effort to spread discredited Russia collusion theory welcomed by McCain Senate panel

The efforts to disseminate a now-discredited theory that the Trump campaign had secret computer communications with the Kremlin extended beyond the FBI, CIA, and State Department to the U.S. Senate.

Under the late Sen. John McCain, the Armed Services Committee engaged a former FBI official and his progressive-funded nonprofit to produce a report on the matter, according to court records obtained by Just the News.

The Senate committee, now under Democrats’ control, successfully waged a secret federal court battle this summer to quash a subpoena that would have forced one of its staffers, Thomas Kirk McConnell, to turn over documents and testify about his dealings with former FBI analyst Dan Jones and his nonprofit, The Democracy Integrity Project, the records show.

A spokesman for George Soros confirms the progressive megadonor was one of the financial backers of The Democracy Integrity Project. Tax records show the group raised more than $7 million in donations in 2017 and hired Fusion GPS — the same firm that produced the debunked Steele dossier for Hillary Clinton’s campaign — to pursue allegations of foreign interference in elections.

The episode, recounted in hundreds of pages of federal and D.C. Superior court records, provides extraordinary insight into how current and former government officials in multiple branches of government were able to sustain a Russia collusion theory on artificial life support for years after the FBI first dispelled it.

The legal skirmish with the Senate also provides new context to allegations filed last week by Special Counsel John Durham, who indicted a former DOJ lawyer named Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI during his efforts to peddle the same debunked story about the Trump campaign, a computer server at the Alfa Bank in Moscow and the Kremlin. Sussmann was being paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign when he pitched the allegations to the bureau, court records show. He has pleaded not guilty.

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