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Joe Biden, Big Tech, and Mass Media… 2020 has set the stage for a whole new world.




Business Insider recently reported in an article that a Biden Administration would be feared by big tech companies like Facebook and Google.

Bill Russo, from team Biden said that Facebook is ‘shredding the fabric of our democracy’ because they choose to allow posts from President Donald Trump labeled as misinformation by the media to be shared by users — whereas Twitter blocked the President’s tweets so users couldn’t retweet him at all.

Here is Russo’s Twitter Rant:

After some pressure on Thursday, Facebook finally limited the spread of Trump’s election posts, rather than just flagging them.

All of this is sending a very simple message to the American People…

Do you disagree with the DNC and Mainstream Media narrative? I’m sorry, but you are “shredding the fabric of our democracy… That’s unsafe, undemocratic, un-American!”

They tell us, “It’s the role of the media and big tech to protect us from that kind of misinformation, our very liberty is at stake!”

The media claims to be looking out for the people by holding big tech accountable and vetting our politicians to make sure they do the same. The media is supposed to have the interest of the people at it’s heart.

The problem is the media, big tech, and the DNC are all wings of the same establishment machine… the media works with politicians, big tech, and other special interests to control the narrative and maintain power/control...

According to the mainstream media, Joe Biden is Big Tech’s worst nightmare. He’s their kryptonite. They say this despite him having more tech executives than tech critics on his transition team. But that’s not what matters, what matters is the perception.

The MSM and big tech organizations are working side by side with the Democratic National Party (DNC) to create the narrative of Joe Biden “taking on big tech” and being on the side of the people.

Their message is that we can all rest easy and go back to not focusing on the White House because this will all be dealt with now by the professionals… by the competent adults this country has lacked for the last four years under the Trump Presidency.

This is a complete inversion of the truth. Big tech has consistently tried to use their influence to control the conversation, not protect our ability to have it.

They seek to be a ‘Ministry of Truth‘ of sorts, dictating what version of the ‘facts’ people are allowed to post and spread. All while telling us it’s for our own good.

The idea of Joe Biden ‘protecting our liberties and democracy’ or ‘taking on Big Tech’ by having social media platforms censor our speech and monitor our interactions makes no sense.

It should be the other way around. Tech companies with speech platforms should be protecting our rights and our privacy to say whatever we want about current events. Including and especially the election.

The act as if they have no bias… Did you hear the Mainstream Media challenge Joe Biden once throughout his entire campaign? On any issue?

From March until the last week of October, Joe Biden got off the hook with taking just several zoom calls a day from his Delaware basement and hitting the hay before 8:30 pm.

When and if he would make an appearance, it was brief, scripted, and no questions were allowed

Did the media ever question this? No, instead they covered for him – the New York times even insisted Biden shouldn’t have to debate Trump.

“Hey everybody, how are ya?” he asked the reporters.

“Time for a few questions?” a journalist asked.

“No, no,” Biden responded.

If Joe Biden cannot confidently address the people without a script, how is he supposed to negotiate with China, with Russia or Iran? Let alone navigate domestic issues like health care, immigration, and the economy.

The truth is he won’t be doing any of that. Joe Biden is a prop put up by the DNC. Designed by think tanks to be an easy pill to swallow for those who don’t like Trumps behavior on twitter, but are still skeptical about left-wing policies like the Green New Deal or Universal Healthcare (including for Illegal Immigrants).

Joe Biden is being sold as a safe, center of the road, blue collar candidate. But that is just the shell, the projection of what the media thinks we feel is safe.

Big tech is playing their part by censoring conservative media. This opens the door for the Media to gas light the American People into believing that Joe Biden legitimately beat Donald J. Trump.

“Biden won! That’s just the facts.” According to the New York Times, it’s the media’s sole right to declare who wins an election anyway. If you think anything else, you’re basically Alex Jones and going in a social media timeout, permanently.

This is the way things are going from now on, so you better just get used to it.

If you can tune out all that wacky right wing conspiracy talk about liberty and freedom then you have the chance to sit back and be part of history…

A President with the most votes ever cast!

The first female minority Vice President!

Coming in at the brink of our collapse into darkness to save our nation, our soul… our earth!

We are expected to believe the man whose rallies looked like this…

Managed to get more votes than Obama and Trump, even Bernie, whose rallies looked like this…

Obama Rally

Bernie Sanders Rally

Trump Rally

Trust your gut. Despite what the media is telling you, there is a statistical case against a Biden win…

Part 1 of 4: Turnout…

Part 2 of 4: Outperformance vs Obama…

Part 3 of 4: “Biden-only” ballots…

Part 4 of 4: Absence of Mail-In Ballot Vetting…

If you were to get your information from the Media though…

The front page banner headline in the Wednesday morning New York Times

…All is well. It’s over. Time to give it up.

Even Fox News has ditched Trump – something made apparent early on election night when they called Arizona despite other networks saying it was too close to call. The way they have distanced themselves makes it seem like a premeditated decision from the network. Maybe that’s why MSNBC topped Fox News on Saturday in the ratings, capping their highest-rated week ever

Either way, it’s time we stopped pretending that our politicians will save us from this. It is here. The days of true meaningful freedom of speech are ending, and the tech companies already have the model (which they helped design) to transition our society into.

This is where COVID-19 becomes essential to this story.

Come back next week for the second half of this report…

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[…] That of which can be stopped and censored by our heroes and trusted over watchers, Big Tech… […]



486 days into the “Pandemic”



486 days into the “Pandemic”

With the Covid-19 restrictions going on in some places, it is now day 486; most Americans don’t understand they are slowly losing their rights; some Americans are actually willing to give up their rights for “safety”. I understand people are dying from the Coronavirus, and my prayers and condolences go out to their families, but, just because people pass away doesn’t mean life should stop. Sure, it’s okay to mourn and take a break to recover from the loss of a loved one, but we still have to go back to work. We still have to pay our bills and take care of our families.

When it comes to lockdowns and restrictions, it’s safe to say that most progressives, liberals, and Democrats are pro-lockdown and pro-mask mandate. They will say things like, “it’s for a good cause, and it will save lives.” Is it really, though? Is it really for a good cause, and are lives really being saved?” It is safe to say that most Americans, 97%, wore a mask during the earlier stages of the pandemic, before the vaccine was available to the public and some are still wearing on to this day. It’s literally impossible to get every American to wear a mask. Experts said that “Mask will prevent” the spread of Coronavirus, but cases were still drastically going up every day in the earlier stages of the pandemic. Early in the pandemic Dr. Fauci even said, “Nobody should be wearing a mask and that it won’t stop the tiniest of droplets.” What changed Dr. Fauci?

I also don’t understand how lockdowns are “for a good cause.” There was a study, and it concluded that 20%+ of small businesses in the United States are gone and never coming back. So, where is the “good cause” of the single mother owning a hair salon not being able to pay her mortgage or put food on the table for her kids? Where is the “good cause” in an elderly couple owning an antique store for 50+ years and then having to shut down for good, and now they are unable to pay their bills? Where is the “good cause” in a family-owned dinner having to close for good, and now they can’t pay their bills, pay their employees, or are unable to put away money in their kid’s saving account for college? The Coronavirus isn’t just killing people; it’s taking away their livelihood as well.

We have to come to reality with ourselves, people aren’t just dying of Coronavirus. Since the pandemic started, cases of suicide, drug overdoses, spouse abuse, and alcohol abuse are up drastically. The lockdown has dangerous psychological effects as well. People are suffering from depression from not being able to see their family, being jobless, not being able to pay their bills, losing family members, or just being isolated and alone has had a toll.

We have seen people who act very authoritarian in which they are promoting pro-mask mandate, pro-mandatory vaccine, and pro-vaccine ID to get a job or travel. However, when it comes to abortion they want to chant “MY BODY, MY CHOICE,” They claim they are only acting authoritarian because they “value human life”, and want to “save lives” but they want to be granted the right to take the life of an unborn child. They chant, “My body! My choice,” but they want to make you wear a mask and take the vaccine. Does “My body, my choice” not apply here? We have also seen an expansion of the surveillance state and the fact-checkers monitoring your life to ensure you aren’t posting “misinformation.”

Also, the same people who act in this same manner tell you, “if you open your business or go out, you’re killing grandma,” but these same people have been caught on social media at house parties with many people, not social distancing, and not wearing a mask. These people are the same people who were rioting and burning down cities during the George Floyd riots. It was okay to go out and riot in the name of “justice,” but you, the hard-working American, are not allowed to open your small business or have it fully functional to the public. These people also like to say that the riots were not “super spreader events or didn’t cause the cases of Coronavirus to go up.”  First off, how do you even determine what’s a super spreader event is? You are still around a ton of people and not social distancing.

Next, we were told that hospitals were like “warzones,” but every time other people or I have driven by them, they are completely empty. We have seen countless videos of tik-tok nurses dancing in empty hospitals. I don’t know about you, but I found this very disrespectful toward the ones who have lost their lives during this pandemic. For example, my father’s brother passed away not too long ago, and the kids weren’t able to see their dad at all in the hospital until he passed. Oh, by the way! He didn’t have COVID either. He passed away from something else. I understand some nurses are working tirelessly and are busting their butts, but the hospitals weren’t like “warzones.” It’s a real disgrace to say you’re operating in a warzone, and then you go posting videos of your entire staff dancing.

Finally, we have seen government overreach in their powers. First off, who is the government to decide whether I’m “essential or non-essential?” The last time I checked, we are all essential because we all have to pay our bills and put food on the table for our families. For example, I’ve seen a small diner shut down and not allowed to be open, while a big cooperation restaurant down the street was allowed to operate. What is the reason for that, you may ask? It’s because they are big corporations and are probably Democratic party donors. Next, we saw and still see governors being really hard on religious groups such as churches and houses of worship, while they are at ease with secular groups. Last time I checked, the first amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Most of these rogue Governors who have acted hostile toward religious groups have had all their orders shot down by federal judges. The same Governors that told you that you weren’t able to go outside, weren’t allowed to open your business, and enforced curfews, were caught violating their own orders!

In conclusion, Americans need to wake up and realize what is slowly among us. They need to realize we are slowly losing our rights, and eventually, we aren’t going to have any more rights. Pretty soon, we are going to live in a country where you’re going to have to get a  vaccine passport to return to work or travel, be a slave to the state, be put on a universal income, be told when you can open your business, and wear a mask forever. These rights are slowly being taken away, and they are given to us by our Creator, God, and nobody can take them away. I understand that COVID has killed people and my prayers go out to their families, but we have to be real with ourselves. Life doesn’t stop because people die. People die every day. People die of natural causes, aging, drug overdose, suicide, car accidents, diseases, hunger, etc. We were told “15 days to slow the spread,” and now we are at day 486, and we are still are not really back to normal. We have to realize that not every American is going to wear a mask; it’s the same concept of us not having the same values or beliefs, but at the end of the day, we have to live with each other, work with each other toward the same goal and make sure this country is left in the best condition possible for our children. Here is a quote before I sign off:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”Benjamin Franklin

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