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CRUSHING THE MINDSET OF TRUMPism — “Our World’s Greatest Problem is Narcissism”

By attaching traits of individualism, love of freedom, and transparency to narcissism and sociopathy while claiming it to be a “bigger threat than climate change” we will DESTROY the foundations of the TRUMP Mindset in the next generations of Americans to come…



CRUSHING THE WILL & THE MINDSET OF TRUMP — Lana Del Rey: “Our World’s Greatest Problem is Narcissism”

Lana Del Rey recently did an interview, in which she said:

“As bad as it was (The Trump Presidency), it really needed to happen,” Del Rey said. “We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change, but sociopathy and narcissism — especially in America. It’s going to kill the world. It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism.”

Seems the left is no longer going to try to sell us on their beliefs… But rather target and seek to destroy the very psychological mindset of individualism, patriotism, and personal pride that led to a movement like Donald Trump’s.

It’s not America firstIt’s “narcissism.”

It’s not love of your country, and pride in our nationIt’s “white nationalism,” the same as Hitler.

It wasn’t Patriots who took a stand at the Capitol after an election was stolen… No, they were “Terrorists“… “Insurrectionists“… To be exposed as evil racist Nazi’s and rooted out from this society, such a danger they present to our democratic institutions…

Liberty? Independence? Sovereignty? TRUE Justice? Enjoy these things while they last.

Our values have already been washed away from us, and we soak in the gas chambers of division as we speak.

You may not realize it yet, but we are at the precipice of something completely new.

Like it or not, many of our innately human attributes such as independent thought, “self-serving” belief systems, and desire for uniqueness and originality serve no function in the New World we are entering.

Without any values to base our concept of truth, justice, and equality on — we truly have no foundation upon which to mount any resistance.

Only those at the top of the Pyramid, those in charge and running the show, have a high enough vantage point to see what is really happening.

We are at the mercy of the shadows they cast down upon us — and many of us chose to accept the images as they appear.

We do not have the full historical picture. The history books have been rewritten over and over and over again to serve the needs of those at the top.

To plant ideas within us that serve the needs of the systems they put in place to profit off of us.

An enlightened, Socratic thinking, and highly educated population of actualized individuals basically interferes with the bottom line. Profit, growth, and some mounting belief that humanity ought to continue to follow the pull of the technological current.

Our tools are surpassing us, and conditioning us to the lowest common denominator.

We have taken the pill and gone to sleep as a PEOPLE, and allowed the ELITE to keep all of our knowledge, all of our power, and all of our ABILITY to critically think and discern truth.

Our Republic is dead, but it has yet to cave into the void where it’s soul was once housed.

It would take an Awakening.

A true shift in awareness, in character, in pride, in morality, in intellect, in collaboration, in transparency, in freedom, in truth, in almost every institution and in every school house in this country these values would need to be re-instilled.

Not in some conceptual sense either. In a deeply absorbed way, in a soul-saturating and idea birthing and reality grounding way.

CHARACTER COUNTS! – School Counselors

We as a People must align ourselves and our culture back with these principles to reform a solid and whole foundation upon which our national spirit can burst back into it’s great diversity and unbound prosperity for all.

Unless we snap out of the trance, and take the measures needed to maintain this type of psychological freedom and true unbound human individual potential, then nothing will become real and beautiful and and divine again until death.

It will be a colorless society of worship to the system and the leaders and images it’s displays, worship which the worshipper is likely unaware of the how or the why or even the very nature of the worship and it’s function.

Whatever system happens to yield the power of our attention, of what we have sold our ability to care and value life away to — that is the system which will serve the function of God.

And in that sense, we will have fulfilled many prophecy’s, forgone our creator, and killed any chance to untangle ourselves from the bounds of confusion and control.

We will have robbed ourselves of true living, and sadly it takes only a few generations of people enduring such conditions for the newborn spirit to see no other way — to accept, and obey, and comply.

At that point it’s merely a practical matter to do so… you’d be crazy not to. Because the very means by which you have to exist and the assumptions you operate with on a daily basis to do so implicate you so gravely in the ROT of the system itself, that to face these attributes with any intention of transcendence is almost adolescent.

Perhaps this is the saddest thing.

That the resistance is squashed in the minds of our young.

You divide the classes of a generation against each other, you make them sick, demoralize them, bankrupt them, entangle them in debt, and distract them with meaningless addicting programs on the alchemical screens of FILTH.

And all the while the focus is off of the children. Who’s very hearts and souls are corrupted by this madness before their minds can realize and allow within them the ingredients of good character, of sustainable and selfless living, and of wonderful creativity and original human output.

We must not kid ourselves any longer.

The battle was always spiritual in that sense. It was for the something that none of us would ever be able to fully see or grasp but intuitively we understood THE GOOD in what we were doing.

We have reached the stage of inversion, THE GOOD is seen as THE BAD and vice versa, depending which side of the pyramid you look up to the masters from.

But do not forget the illusive nature of the shadows they cast — and never lose the will to rebel against their world order even though it will seem so worthy and so good. That’s the nature of inversion.

Do not forget.

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Black Voters Start To Abandon Biden After Vaccine Mandate

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Black Voters Start To Abandon Biden After Vaccine Mandate
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  • Biden’s net approval rating among unvaccinated Black voters has plummeted 17 points since before the rollout of the mandates.
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President Joe Biden’s sweeping federal rules to mandate vaccines hasn’t hurt him with the overall electorate, but it appears to have spurred a weakening of his standing with one of the most reliable pieces of the Democratic Party’s coalition: Black voters.

Since Morning Consult Political Intelligence surveys conducted immediately before Biden’s Sept. 9 mandate announcement, the president’s net approval rating – the share who approve of his job performance minus the share who disapprove – has fallen 12 percentage points among Black voters, driven by a 17-point drop among unvaccinated Black voters.

The September erosion accounted for more than two-fifths of the decline in perceptions of Biden’s job performance to date among Black voters, providing a stark warning sign for Democrats ahead of next year’s midterms. While Black voters, who helped push Biden over the top against President Donald Trump in key states last year, are unlikely to abandon the Democratic Party en masse to back Republicans on the ballot next year, low turnout from the group could have dire consequences for Democrats in Congress, who already face an early enthusiasm gap.

Biden is still popular with most Black voters, with 71 percent of them approving of his job performance, including 37 percent who do so strongly. But since Sept. 8, the share who disapprove of Biden’s job performance has increased 7 points, to 24 percent, and 14 percent said they “strongly disapprove.”

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  • Kamala Harris’ 49% job approval rating matches Biden’s in 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Eight months after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, his job approval rating has fallen six percentage points to 43%, the lowest of his presidency. For the first time, a majority, 53%, now disapproves of Biden’s performance.

These findings are from a Sept. 1-17 Gallup poll that was conducted after the U.S. military evacuated more than 120,000 people from Afghanistan. The United States’ exit from the nation’s longest war was marred by the Taliban’s quick takeover of most of the country and a suicide bombing at the airport in Kabul, which killed 13 U.S. service members. Over the same period, COVID-19 infection rates, nationally, were surging, leading to hospital overflows in some regions.

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